George Clinton at the House of Rock review - October 2004

Review by Karmel Apple

So… who cast their vote this Tuesday for President Clinton? I’m talking about George Clinton, the funkbomb, the one and only legendary funk master who was here in Fargo on Election. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic played one night only at the House of Rock, and tore the roof off the newly-opened house.

The show was 3 and a half hours of raw, uncut funk, from his classics to new Top 40 hits. The funkmob mixed in the hit “Get Low” with all their funky classics; Flashlight, One Nation, and Knee Deep were all well-represented onstage.

A pitch-perfect cover of Maggot Brain gave Clinton a good break, though he did let the audience know to watch their minds, because, as George said, having “five percent of you is just as good as the whole thing.” Try not to be too broke to pay attention, funkateers.

Later in the show, it was almost otherworldly to see Clinton singing “Let’s go to the hop,” but the audience was right there with him, chanting back, not missing a beat when he started doing the chant from “Shout.” The P-Funk brigade are masters at carrying on about four or five different jams at once; the lyrics from many songs will be brought in, the music from two or three different tunes will be mixed to produce optimal booty-shaking-capacity, and the audience hopefully will take it from there. Atomic Dog brought Sir Nose out into the audience to hound all the ladies nearby up onto the stage to groove with George and the gang. Ten ladies dancing with a 64-year-old George Clinton just makes this funkster’s sweaty skull tingle.

It was great just seeing the 64-year-old Clinton getting down with new and old beats alike.